All expense vouchers should be submitted directly to the school on the last day of the evaluation visit.  

Expense voucher forms:

Microsoft Office document icon VC Chair Expense Voucher.doc

Microsoft Office document icon VC Member Expense Voucher.doc

Visiting committee expense vouchers will be processed in the following manner:

  1. Team members will calculate and complete their expense vouchers at the conclusion of the visit. Please include anticipated expenses for return trip. For any out-of-pocket expenses, such as meals, tips, etc., please attach receipts.
  2. Vouchers will be handed in to the Chair who will sign and submit them to the school for processing.
  3. Reimbursement will be at the prevailing IRS rate of $.545 per mile for personal automobile use, plus tolls. Please note the cost of gas is included in this IRS rate and should not be charged as a separate item. If additional arrangements are needed, such as car rental or airplane travel, prior approval is required by the Director of the Commission and receipts should be attached to the expense voucher.
  4. The school being evaluated is responsible for the team members’ accommodations and meals.
  5. Please contact the CIS Administrative Assistant working with you on your visit if you have any questions or concerns.